Thursday, February 26, 2015

I am sitting in an airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Before we left this morning I wrote down the names and addresses of four private hospitals that were on the US Embassy's website. I put the paper in my purse and said a prayer that we wouldn't need it as we drove the two hours to get here.

The only concern I had before we left to come to Honduras was that my children would be sick here. And just 10 days before we were scheduled to come home Elena became very ill. In the past 10 days, 9 of them have been filled with very high fevers, blood tests, shots and round the clock temperature taking, and monitoring to keep her well. The doctors here think that she has Dengue Fever, but possibly something else. Yesterday as we were planning to finally come home - our flight was cancelled. We returned to the Orphanage, emotionally and physically exhausted.

Elena's fever became very very high last night and we were able to get some medicine to quickly bring it down again. Joe took the first shift last night and at 12 am I woke up to check Elena's temperature and give her medicine. I found myself on the computer researching all different sort of flight combinations and options to get us as quickly to the United States as possible.

Joe found me and quickly wrapped his arms around me as I had a little bit of a breakdown. He reminded me of all the ways we have been protected this far. The good health that we have had every day. All the options available to us. The countless messages in my inbox from friends and family letting us know that they were praying for us, thinking of us, and encouraging us.
There have been family who have offered to fly anywhere if we needed and family who has offered to pay to get us anywhere if we needed, and 'friend' family who have prepared our house, brought us dinner last night, and lifted our hearts.
Last night, a nurse showed up at our door (before we even called) with medicine in hand just minutes before Elena's temperature rose.

And we know that God is with us and is providing for all of our needs.

Last night after we turned off the lights and crawled into bed with our baby, I laid awake and thought of all the mothers who are holding sick babies. The worry and stress is suffocating even with options, but for many mothers there are none. There is no backup plan to get medicine. They cannot fly to better medical care. They can not just get cleaner better water. They can not afford the injections.
There might not be family who offers safety net after safety net, or community support at all. Many mothers are holding sick babies there are no options.

But there is an option for us.

And today we are waiting in the airport and we know that Elena will be okay.  We have asked for prayers and all of you have supported us and brought us before the Lord praying for health and peace for our family.

If you have prayed with us, we know that it's because you believe in the power of people coming before God and asking for change. In hearts or in circumstances. It's because at some level, you believe that God hears you. We thank you so very much.

If you have prayed for us, believing that God hears you, would you act with us- believe that God also hears all the mothers of this world? The same God who heals, and moves, and gives peace and who is love- uses His people to bring about change and love in the world.

Here are two websites to organizations who provide medical care for mothers and children.

After you pray today, would you consider a 10 dollar donation to either one? 

We would be so encouraged if you would let us know if you donated. Are hearts are lifted because we know that God hears our prayers and petitions on behalf of Elena, and we would be so encouraged to know that prayers have led to action as well. To help those mothers with little babies, who are fighting and trying for life. We know God gives life abundantly. We believe God uses people to show His love to the world.

We will keep you updated on Elena- right now we are waiting to board and she has a good temperature and is drinking and is doing well.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers for our family.
We know God is with us wherever we go.

Love, Kate

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