Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi All!
We got the compressor back and the cars working!
Elena is doing so well. We saw the doctor on Friday- her pediatrician called the infectious disease specialist at Children's Hospital to discuss all the paperwork/labs I brought. They were very interested and it was SO wonderful to have a complete discussion in English. I finally was able to ask questions and discuss everything! They agree that Elena had Dengue Fever- everything is textbook in her case including her fever drop on days 6/7 and then hard relapse on day 9/10 (last Tuesday and Wednesday). She has been fever free for two days now and they believe that she is mostly over it (besides some lethargy as it could remain in her system for a while). Today was her first full day off medicine and totally fever free! They said that they expect this to continue but if her temp got to 102 to bring her into the hospital because it shouldn't relapse another time. They do not expect Malaria or anything else at this point.
They were a little appalled at the amount of Tylenol Elena has consumed in the past 12 days (we were just following doctors orders who insisted that she stay on it - round the clock every 3/4 hours!) and so they ran a liver function test- but it turned out perfect. Her platelet counts are up (way up- making up the difference from last week!) and all other counts are good.
We are PRAISING GOD! On Wednesday the 9th, the day we were supposed to come home Elena was so very sick. We would have landed in Atlanta at 7pm  after she reached a 104 fever and would have gone to the hospital and might have spent a few days there. Instead- with just one day difference- we had the night in Guiamaca (stressful -true) but in the end we returned home on the very day that she was recovering.
She is SO happy to be in her own space and own bed (the boys are too!) and we are over the moon to have her feeling well.
Just five days ago feverish Elena and Joe were riding in the back of the pickup truck over dirt roads to go to the Doctor's house for more testing. Tonight she is sleeping thousands of miles away- tucked in her bed. In BOTH places we know God was with us and beside us and watching over us.  We will forever hold this experience in our hearts as a testimony God's faithfulness and of a time we felt God's presence and knew He was with our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We love you,
Kate, Joe, Joey, Guy and Elena.

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