Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hi All,

Just wanted to update you that after a two hour drive to Tegucigalpa yesterday we found out that the only flight out of Honduras (to Atlanta) was cancelled. We decided to not try to find a safe place to stay in the city with five kids while we tried to look for more medicine for Elena (who is still very sick)- but instead returned back to the Orphanage.

We are leaving in a few minutes to try again today.
We are figuring out multiple ways to get home and get Elena some medical attention.
Right now we are still planning on the flight to Atlanta to MSP. Please pray for good weather and good health as we travel with our family. Our kiddos are READY to be home and Joe and I are exhausted from round the clock monitoring with Elena.

We will keep you updated and hope to see you - stateside- soon!
love Kate

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