Friday, February 20, 2015

Hi All, Please pray for Elena. After days of unexplained, very high fever, her lab came back to conclude that she has Dengue Fever. We just need to wait for her fever to run it's course (7-10days) and monitor her with daily blood draws. For two days now her fever has risen too high and we've needed a shot to lower it. Please pray that this will pass quickly and she will be well soon. Also prayers for peace and wisdom as we navigate her care would be much appreciated. We'll be back in the states next week. I'll update as I have internet. Thank you friends!

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  1. Update on Elena-
    Elena's fever are still high. She underwent more testing but it was inconclusive. They still think that she has Dengue but maybe another strain or virus as well. We will be home tomorrow and can't wait to get her some more medical attention and hopefully feeling better. Thank you so much for your prayers for our sweet girl. Much love.