Friday, January 16, 2015

There are some of you, my friends, who want to hear how our family is doing. Then there are some who like to hear about the children here. Some like to hear about God and Jesus. And there are some of you who write me emails that say things like, “I need to know if you are wearing makeup and how often you shower and what clothes you are wearing and if you are getting skinny because you don’t eat anything or not because you eat weird things and what you do every day.” 
 So for those of you that fall into that last category- this blog post is for you. (Ahem - Abby) : ) 

This is what I look like almost every day: Greasy ponytail, t.shirt and jeans. Honestly, not too big of a switch from the United States. I am getting weird tan lines and start the day in slightly flared jeans then when the sun comes out I pull them up in one fold so the bottom of the jeans  are mid thigh height and walk around like that for the rest of the day. For church I wear a long skirt and blouse (yes blouse) and feel like a missionary from 1970 (I’m sorry missionaries from 1970). I packed too many camp t.shirts and not enough normal shirts.  We’re halfway through and it looks like I’ve brought exactly the right amount of pony tail holders. Here I am:

I didn’t wear makeup for weeks then I wore mascara one day. To quote my college roommate Beth, “I didn’t wear makeup for a month then when I put on mascara I felt like a clown.” Exactly. But when I arrived at the Little Girl House THIRTY little girls jumped on me and told me how BEAAAUUUTIFUL I was and how pretty (Que guapa Kate!!!) That was nice. So mascara it is. And it makes me look more awake. Which is good because I cannot force myself to drink the coffee. No matter how much sugar I put in it I can’t choke the sludge. 

Food is a different story. I am eating all the time. Because when a small child offers me a bowl of wheat and goats milk for breakfast or offers to split their moon pie or offers  for dinner flour tortillas with beans and butter, I can’t quite bring myself to say, “No gracias, I’m watching my carb intake.” So I eat everything.  And although the food is not amazing, breaking bread with 36 gracious, generous children is. And it is food for the soul. I tell myself.

What do we do all day? Short version: mop and play. Joe works in the woodshop and takes young men around to do the never-ending maintenance projects. Mainly plumbing related.  I take my kids and we are with the Little Girl House. I give out vitamins and drop them in the girl’s mouths and make sure they chew and swallow them then sweep/mop el comedor. I break up fights and tie shoes, I plan activities for all the girls. Walks, crafts, games etc. We eat lunch, mop, I home school my own kiddos, then I shower all the little girls, brush hair, lice check, get nightgowns, laundry, eat dinner, mop again, brush hair, play, go home-  shower my kids, dinner, get frustrated at the internet, get over it, kiss my four loves, go to bed. Here’s  some photos of our day. 

Elena was invited to a staff daughter's birthday party. Frozen!

Checking out some goats

Let’s see . What else? The sky is incredible. I’ve never seen more beautiful clouds or sun or rain or fog. It is breathtaking. The other evening there was a rain shower than a gorgeous double rainbow over the orphanage. Double rainbows amaze me. As if one band of spectacular color arching across the sky isn’t a gift enough. 

Other random details: 

-   - We don’t have cups in our house . I’ve been drinking out of a Nalgene for six weeks. I really really want a glass.

-   -Sometimes I go running. 

-   - For two nights in a row Guy has woken us up yelling for Mom or Dad.  Every time it is because he honestly thought his bed was shrinking.  Yes, I’m serious.  


Love to all,


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