Monday, January 12, 2015

Good Morning!

I'm feeling rather perky this morning. Our internet cruises at 5.00am and bouncing around from page to page with only a few second delay seems SO FAST! I thought this would be a good time to upload some pictures for you all. Everything is well and good here.

Some news not captured in pictures:
-Last week Joe traveled to Teguc. the capital. He spent the whole day and visited the mall and large grocery stores and the airport etc. Do you know what he came home with for me? Everything Bagels and cream cheese. Seriously, the man of my dreams. I ate all five (not in one sitting) and hardly shared one bite. Amazing.

- Guy's shoes broke. Elena's shoes broke. My sandals broke. We must be pretty rough on our feet down here. It might be all the soccer, but more likely is all the walking.

-Elena told me yesterday she would like to have 21 kids when she's a mom. Number One will be named Zoey, Two will be named Molly, Three will be named ILoveYouSoMuch, Four will be named Christmas, Five and Six will be named Swing and Grass, she told me as she was swinging and looking at the grass. So that's her update for you all.

-Joey is our little Spanish policeman. I asked him once to help remind me to use more spanish when talking around our house. Now he frequently yells from the other room whenever he hears a conversation- Say it in SPANISH MOM!!! It's equally helpful and annoying. Also this kiddo has mastered monkey bars

- Guy can READ!! Turns out sending him off with an ipad phonics program is actually helpful! He is very proud of himself and we are too.

- Okay- some pics-
Love to all-Kate

We do a lot of mopping here. The dining hall (el comedor) and hallways at least three times a day. Elena is practicing being helpful :)

"Mopping" is first done by scrubbing laundry detergent into the walkway with brooms. This is the scrubbing stage.

Trigo and raw goats milk for breakfast!

Watching to goats roam about with our friend

The six older girls who work in the little girl house dressed alike one day and we did a photo shoot and I was able to print their pictures the next day for them. (Thank you for the printer again Robert and Deena Fowler!!) They loved  it.

Suyappa, Raquel, Kenzie and Guy playing in a sheet fort we made one rainy day.

Playing under the laundry lines.

Playing soccer in the eve under the laundry.

Guy and 
Jésus- He lost a tooth!



  1. Thanks for writing Kate, so nice to be included. I loved Elena's names, your little policeman, bagel fix provided by loving hubby, and the content of your pre-church talk from last time. I miss your insights on Council, but I just read your blog to get my fill of "Kate" insights.

  2. Melissa, Thanks so much for taking the time to write! Your comments are so encouraging.We love it here but also can't wait for some parts of our regular routine to be back- like cbs! How is Anders feeling by the way? We've been thinking of you all!