Monday, February 6, 2012

Working on It

I was teaching Joey to recognize and write different numbers so I was writing each one very slowly on a piece of paper. He was sitting next to me, and I thought he was catching on. With each number I flippantly made up a little rhyme like “make a triangle, then one line MORE, - that is how you make a FOUR.” Or “ make a top circle, then down one LINE, that is how you make a NINE.”
 I thought he was getting it then I wrote a seven and said, “Across the sky and down from heaven, that is how you make a _______” I looked at him expectantly.
“…. Piano??...??” He asked hesitantly.

"Wellllll..... no."


  1. I know the whole poem that Grandma used to teach kids to write numbers- if you want it.

  2. hannah I would LOVE that. Can you email it sometime? I've been trying to remember and end up making up my own- and as you can see- they don't work at all....

  3. Straight line down. One, what fun!

    Around the track and back again. Two, two, two.

    Around a tree and around a tree. That is how you make a three.

    Down and across and one line more. That is how you make a four.

    Down and around with a hat on top. Fat old five.

    A line and a hoop. A loop makes six. (*Actually, not so sure about this one...I'll have to look and see if I can find where I wrote it down.)

    Across the sky and down from heaven. That is how you make a seven.

    Make an "s" but do not wait, hurry back to make an eight.

    A loop and a line makes nine.