Sunday, February 5, 2012


I’m pretty sure someone is going to throw up tonight. We went to a super bowl party at a friend’s house to watch the game. However there was no watching the game, and my kids didn’t understand the concept of super bowl. So it was just a ‘superparty’- as Guy kept saying. The men all watched in the garage. The women all had the tv on in the house- but we just chatted. And the kids watched the food. Oh the food. I think combined Joey and Guy ate at least 6 cupckaes, a bag of chips, carrots, two pieces of pizza, chips double dipped in all the dips, cookies, maybe chicken?, and drank out of every single abandoned cup of water they could find. At least they ate carrots. Right? I’m pretty sure at least one kid ate one carrot…I think I saw one lick a carrot. Totally counts. There was also blue frosting suspiciously up Guy’s nose.
At one point Guy spit something out on the floor that he had been chewing (probably a chicken wing. Probably too spicy). Husband Joe told him not to do that. That that was gross. Please pick that up. So Guy did. Then promptly re- ate it. I caught Joey walking around in the kitchen hand high on the counter way above his visual range just grabbing at whatever food he could find. You would think we hadn’t fed them in months.
But, you see, those attentive little children just sense when attention is split. There was tv, there were people, there was a chance that mom wouldn’t notice that we can drag a stool over to the counter to eat all this food. Allllllllll this food.
At the end of the night their hair was a bit frazzled. Guy didn’t even have a shirt on. (I’m still unclear why)- their eyes looked a bit too sparkly. I at first thought it was because of the tight finish of the Giants in the 4th quarter. No. it was the speeding of the sugar train, combined with a late bedtime. A perfect storm.
We got everyone home, jammies on- teeth brushed, teeth brushed again by daddy correctly- and everyone in bed and lights off- before sugar crash officially happened.  Amazing.
Tomorrow is detox. I think we’ll only eat celery and lima beans all day. Unless Guy finds the blue frosting still in his hair. He’ll eat that too.

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