Sunday, February 19, 2012


Yesterday evening we went out with some friends to take our kids to this HUGE gymnastics gym complex so they could play. This time is called “open gym” and they just open up all the elements and trampolines and mats and everything and basically 100 kids go wild all over from 6 to 8pm. The idea is that it’s just supervised (barely) free play.  There is also a section for kids 4 and under (you know- so they don’t get knocked out by an eight year old trying to dismount from the rings) but Joey and Guy decided that section was basically for babies. (It was- that was the point). So they deferred with their cousin to the ‘big gym’. They loved it. Foam pits, trampolines, mats to do somersaults (or wrestling) on…

Guy looked like a little bunny on a freeway- he was zigging and zagging between kids that were actually doing routines on the floor mat- ducking under balance beams, chasing people around the pommel horse.  And Joey was just super intense. I think he thought he was competing for something. What it was he’s still unsure of. He just knew he wanted to be the best. The highlight for both was when husband Joe did backwards 360 somersaults on the trampoline and almost hit the ceiling with his feet.  Every kid watching was spell bound. They thought he was god. I thought we were going to get kicked out. I started packing up the diaper bag in preparation. But apparently they’re pretty relaxed in this gym. Every one signed a waiver. So we got to stay. Elena spent the evening building up her immunity as she went around in the 'baby' section sucking on all the floor mats that all these strange kids had their bare feet and sweat all over. I’m sure that was super healthy.

I’m not kidding though- it was the best Saturday night… I got to visit with my dear friend, our children ran around nonstop for 2 hours and burned off at least 19%  of their energy. And at one point I looked over and Guy was just running around in no direction in particular frantically shaking his head and waving his arms wildly...
And if that’s not pure fun I don’t know what is.

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