Friday, February 3, 2012

Game Time

When we play games with the kids we kind of just let the winner/loser thing happen. I’m not super big on cushioning the blow of losing to my toddlers. I figure the less of the big deal I make it. The less of the big deal it’ll be.  ( Naïve right? Let’s see how long that will last…) So they lose about half the time we play a non-strategic game.  2 year old Guy couldn’t care less- Joey is just starting to develop the ‘winning is always better’ thought.

 Joey and Guy were sitting down this evening playing a board game “Zingo”- very similar to Bingo. When the chips weren’t being thrown all over the floor-by Mr. Free Spirit- and being frantically picked up by Mr. Type A, they were actually having a fun time. I watched as the game was ending and Guy won. “You won Guy!” I congratulated him. “Great game!”

“Wait.” Joey clarified. “Guy just won first
He used the rest of the chips to quickly cover his board.
“And now I win second!”

A win/win sounds good to me.

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