Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Funny Thing

I have no idea when each of my children got their first tooth. Can’t remember for the life of me and it definitely did not occur to me to write it down. I did write down the date of Joey’s first joke however. He was just over two years old. He asked for a fork and I handed him one. He looked at me sideways then a smile came over his face and said, “Thank you…fork.” He just about fell out of his tiny chair laughing. His little body shaking with joy and pride that he had thought to replace the word “mom” with “fork”. I laughed at his cleverness too- thinking my first born must be a genius and made a mental note to check out the Schools for the Talented and Gifted in my area.
Since then his humor has advanced. Slightly. Collisions, smashing, falling (of anything/one other than himself) - brings gales of glee. He pretends to accidently put a shoe on the wrong foot- bringing uninterrupted hilarity for a full three minutes. Any noise he can make with his body is equally hysterical.

I can’t wait until he is old enough to grasp more strains of humor.  I am so looking forward to puns, a quick wit in dialogue, lighthearted sarcasm, understanding of irony,..etc.  But you know, these years- it is so easy to make him smile. Guaranteed if I go into his bedroom right now and pretend to trip on something while walking through the door- he’ll laugh like I am a comedic genius. Joy is just one funny face away. And I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Or even for a full 8 hours sleep.  

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