Sunday, February 12, 2012


On and off- the 15 home-made Valentines I tried to create with the boys for our relatives took approximately seven hours. We took breaks for time-outs, book reading, to find the scissors, dinner, and a time out for mommy. We switched from working in the living room to dining room to kitchen back to living room. I obviously wasn’t looking for perfection. Or even middle of the line quality. I was hoping for completion.  They did seem to have fun. Joey asked if we could make more “valentines day” tomorrow. I said maybe. Fun mommy stopped however when Guy tried to sneak all three glue sticks under his blankie to bring to bed. No.
 No. Everybody go to bed.  I love you. And you need to go to bed. Without Glue sticks. Time for bed.
 I love you.  

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