Monday, February 13, 2012


I don’t think my children have a clear grasp on what Connecticut is. They can’t place it on a map. We only drive there once a year and it is a really really really long way away. They know someone important lives there. They are still unclear about whether it is Jesus. Or Grammie. They think planes are from Connecticut. And our local airport also might be. Poppey is Connecticut. So is Auntie Mimi. Connecticut might also be in our home when relatives come to visit. Connecticut is a white house says Joey. No. Guy will argue- Netticut is faaaaaaaaaaar. He stretches out his hands and spins around the room. As if we frequently spin ourselves over there.
Once on a road trip I had to stop at a seedy car mechanic shop to turn around. “mom.” Joey whispered. “I do not think this is Connecticut.”
Today I tell them Connecticut is a state. They look at me blankly. I tell them Connecticut is where mommy grew up. This explanation derails into a discussion about whether or not mommy ever had to grow up. “Nooooo” says Guy like I am being ridiculous.
Connecticut is where I am from I explain. Obviously I am lying they think. I am from the next room. I came into this room. To tell them it was lunch time. And answer questions about Connecticut.
What ‘Connecicut is’ fits into the same category that I file all questions they ask that I don’t have answers to yet.  Why can’t we see God? Why can’t we have eggnog in the summer? Where is the tiny yellow duck? No? Oh. The one you were playing with 3 months ago? I don’t know.
We live here. I say. And Connecticut is over there. I point somewhere in the distance. They look at where I’m pointing. (I can see Guy trying to place Connecticut on the couch). No. I wave my hand in a more metaphoric manner. Over there.  They look again. Joey squints.
Connecticut is far away I say.
And this will have to do. Connecticut is far away until it’s not. And we are sitting around the table with Grammie and reading a story with Poppey. Then- they don’t ask questions at all about Connecticut. It’s like it doesn’t even matter.


  1. I love reading your posts - you are just such a fabulous writer :)

    1. You are very encouraging : ) Will we be seeing you in a few weeks?! I think so!

  2. regardless of where 'Netticut is- it will always be too far away.

    and I, too, question why we can't have eggnog in the summer.