Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hola amigos and familia!

Estamos en Honduras! We have been here at Orphanage Emmanuel for about two weeks now and finally have a somewhat stable internet connection, as long as we use it before six a.m. We are so very happy to say that our travel went well and that we are all healthy and settling in to our new routines. Yes, we are all in one room. It is… cozy. We are learning a lot about personal space. Joey announced the other day that his ears needed a break. Yes Joey, I know.

But we are quite thankful for our beds and blankets and hot and clean water. My favorite item that we brought was an electric kettle. And at night I don’t even have to walk to the kitchen, but instead just heat up water for some tea and it feels luxurious. Electricity! We are thankful for electricity. Except on Thursday because the government shuts it off Thursday evenings. But I guess it makes us that much more thankful on Fridays.

I am officially at work in the toddler house and am learning how to navigate the very confusing waters. The house has about 30 some tots, but also 16 teenage moms who are living here with their children. It has been quite the process trying to figure out who is related to whom and who is responsible for which child and when I should (or should not!) help redirect children. There are many familiar faces in this house and so I smile a lot and spend a lot of time spoon feeding little ones and saying phrases “abre su boca” to instruct a little one to open their mouth. (for food, or for a toothbrush or to fish out a toy or stick or bead or whatever else they happen to have in there). Luckily, the toddler years are not that far behind me and I am learning that toddlers have a basic universal rule of insane cuteness mixed with mischievousness.  However, I remind myself during bath time or bedtime or mealtime, that these young ones have suffered deep aches, and immense loss. And the anger and intensity of emotions reveal their raw hearts, which have aged too fast. 

I have been so proud of Joey Guy and Elena. 15 days ago they were in the states celebrating Christmas and today they are sitting in a comedor with 500 other children, all talking in Spanish, and having to eat whatever is in their bowl. They are learning a lot too and fall SOUND asleep every day by 7:30 or 8, but are ready to go by 6:30am. I can see Joey’s brain processing on a deeper level than last year and already we have had lots of conversations about the moms that are here, the moms that aren’t here, the town we drove through. He doesn’t ask why questions, but just observes more. Right now this is fine with me. Because it is what it is, and honestly I don’t have many good answers for why.

We are loving the weather and loving the people and are very thankful to be here.

Thank you for your emails! I love having a few to read sometimes at 4am! 

And thank you for your prayers.  It is 6:05 here and I can hear all the children waking up. There is shouting and yelling in Spanish, laughing too and sounds of splashing water and many chickens. It is time for the day!

Much love,



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