Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We have our forty bananas! Plus an extra forty! So with two dollars and about five days of waiting for the right banana stand to be open- we have our food for every single meal for the next week!!  There will be bananas in everything!!! 

Some updates:
*  I now know every girl's names in the Little Girls house! This is a crazy big deal for me and now that I know each girl and have asked them individually if it's okay to take and share pictures of them I will post them!

* We have a weird albino salamander living in our bathroom. It's six inches long. I know it eats spiders but honestly I'd rather have spiders. This thing is fast and creepy and yesterday I ran out of there in a panic- and when I went back it in it had hidden. Which is worse than seeing it. It could be anywhere. 

* We are making way WAY less garbage than in America. It's unbelievable. I can't get over the waste I produced before. We don't use paper towels here, we use every single inch of writing paper, we reuse plastic bags, we reuse bottles... everything. Back home our family produced at least three full large garbage bags a week. Here- it's only two small plastic bags. This saving, reusing and consuming less is a good practice for us and one we hope to continue. 

* We are reading more. Joe has actually read a full book. No- not my first grader. Joey my first grader has read many books. But  Husband Joe has completed his first novel in years, or maybe ever. Way to go Joe! 

* I don't have much access to  media down here- no TV, newspapers or any real working internet. Therefore I'm WAY less stressed about Ebola, politicians, the weather and Russia. Maybe my head is in the sand- but for now real problems that are right in front of me (like why Caterine doesn't have shoes that fit and where to get her some) are the only ones my mind obsesses on. 

Here are some pics before my internet over heats on me!
Love to all- Kate

Gah! Nevermind. The internet is not letting me upload pics. It takes too long for it to upload and the connection goes out inbetween. Here's another update though:

* I'm ready for some better internet.

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