Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last Day

Today is Joey’s last day of Kindergarten. Remember when I wrote that super weepy blog post at 1 a.m. the eve of his first day? I do. That was 9 months ago.

Nine months! That’s how long it takes to grow a baby from non-existent to 7lbs 8 oz. Apparently that’s also how long it takes to grow a little kindergartener into a first grader.  I feel like standing up and making an  speech to everything and everyone who helped pull us through. Thank you to the best teacher that we will remember forever!  Thank you to the kindest bus driver! Thank you to the wood playground and the cows that were always there in the field across the street. Thank you snow days and sun days and Fridays and Mondays. Thank you for this kindergarten year!

Joey can now read, he can make awesome fart- like noises pressing his mouth to his arm, (thank you school bus), he can tie shoes, he can survive in a forced social session and navigate a lunch line. He can name letters, and rhyme, tell time, and tell if someone’s lying. He has experienced kindness and friendship. Also pushing and being left out. And the feeling of bringing the best ball to school to play wall-ball with at recess. 

Spelling. Addition. Subtraction. Library skills and life skills. Music, phy-ed, art, writing center, reading center. At five years old we sent him off to learn and grow. To experience, to hold independence in his hands. A well- rounded approach. Well- rounded just makes one roll faster. And faster. And all months blur at the edges. 

And Joey as sure as you know your sight words – know this: when this beautiful world is spinning - you can lay down for a bit. Right in the grass in our front yard. Your home is always the center. Watch the clouds. (Clouds. C-L-O-U-D-S). There is always time for summer. 

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