Monday, September 9, 2013


Joe has always been a Packer fan. Like a serious, almost never- miss- a-game, actually owns a cheese head, Green Bay Packer fan. And of course our kids, because they think their Dad is the complete end of all knowledge and everything cool, love the Packers too. Within ten minutes of Guy being born I fell sound asleep. I woke up two hours later with no idea where my baby or husband were. They were in the next room. Watching the Packer game. Joe is mostly devoted to four things: Jesus, our family, the woods and the Packers. Really, it's a simple list, so when this time of year rolls around I'm happy to encourage it. Who wouldn't love little kids running around through an intense part of a game screaming, "Go Pack Go!" ?  If you asked Guy his favorite color the answer is "green and yellow". Like it's one color. When Joey was three years old he once pointed out with excitement that the grass was GREEN and the sun was YELLOW! God must be a packer fan. 

Here are some pics of the fans through the years...
They only start at 2010 because during 2008 we didn't have a t.v. Seriously.

Packer season 2010
Packer season 2011



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