Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yesterday we drove to Children's Hospital for an ultrasound and another test to see how Elena was doing. We looked at the fishes in the tank, we counted books, we ate animal crackers and finally she was called. We first went in for a quick ultrasound of her abdomen to check the size of her kidneys. It was totally painless but Ellie screamed so much and so loudly (just at the outrage of having to lie still)- that the tech said she was seriously going to recommend her as a canidate for complete sedation for the next test. I was able to speak to the radiologist however and with four people, a hoopla of toys, an ipad and glowing lights, we were able to get through it just fine. Children's Hospital is just the BEST. Elena left with bracelets, and a teddy bear and stickers and teddy grahams and crayons and all of that completely overshadowed any memory of what might be unpleasant.
And here is the good news: the GREAT news: parking only cost me four dollars. No. But here is the EXCELLENT news: Elena's test looked amazing!! I am waiting four days for the official news from the doctor's office to be able to say for sure what the outcome is, but the results that I could see on the screen and the info I could gather from the radiologist were absolutely fabulous! I absolutely can't wait for our next appointment to see if she can stop her antibiotics. We'll keep you updated- but until then here are some cute pictures of her cute self. I am so grateful and so thankful, and can't even wait to hear the 'official' report of good news. But today there is good news enough: all three are happily playing legos on the floor. The sun is shining all over our new 6 inches of April snow and I found the can of cream of chicken soup in the back of the pantry, so I can make dinner and don't have to go grocery shopping until tomorrow.

Elena 2 years old in her new birthday dress.

 Elena at five weeks old in the hospital. She was a big five week old baby!

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