Monday, April 15, 2013


Some quick pics of our time (2 weeks) in CO with the fam! Totally out of order : )

Joe and I left the kids for four dayswith my parents and drove hours away to stay at this cabin in the mountains!

 We spent two days at this hot spring. We got there early and stayed to watch the stars appear. Joe kept rearranging all the rocks to to adjust the cold and hot water so it was the perfect combination of steaming, then refreshing. It's a good thing he's strong. Turns out I'm pretty demanding concerning water temperature  : )

 Going on a hike with the kiddos and fam. at Genese Park

 Had a wonderful visit with Mom and Dad for two weeks. We love them- and their condo!

 Red rocks!
 This is the cutest picture we could get of all three. I just love it.

 Joe's brother and sister in law came up to visit for a few days. 

Now that I've figured out how to upload them- there will be more pics to come.!Maybe with more thoughtful captions. Perhaps with less typos!

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