Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The problem with dealing (all day everyday) with children that are less than 32 inches tall and under 30 pounds is that their time and size perception is all off.  Two pieces of lettuce equals a completely huge inconsumable salad. Asking them to pick up the 15 toy cars on the ground is a task that takes them 3 minutes per car. A banana split exactly in half causes a 2 minute discussion over which half is bigger.

And they think being asked to wait 3 minutes is like being told that their mac and cheese will be delivered in their next lifetime. A large dog looks like a dragon to them, but a lion resting a safe distance away in the large cat pen looks just fine and they want me to call it over. 3 peas equal an almost death sentence while 3 chocolate chips are never nearly enough.
Talk about case in point, even as I’m writing this Joey is yelling from the next room “Make a fort mom! A big huge one like you. Okay mom? Okay mom?”
 … and for the sake of maintaining the harmony of this morning and my sanity for the next 5 years, I think I'll just explain to him that we don't compare people to forts. And then I'll assume that he was talking about the size of my heart.  Right.

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