Friday, February 17, 2012

All in One Place

So in my attempt to consolidate most of my writings about my life- I pulled my updates off of facebook (from Jan-last nov). Now they are all here in one place! All those little thoughts about my little family.  Except for those moments that I scribble in my journal as I remember them as I fall asleep. But those are just for me...

Nov 2011/Jan 2012
*Today we were driving in the car. I normally play instrumental music in the car because I find that we just don't need more voices talking, but today I had the radio on. All of a sudden the host interrupts the music. Joey hears the low voice and says, "MOM!! I think I hear GOD! Is this GOD!!??" .... You all have NO idea how much I had to restrain myself from saying "why yes- it is!"

*Husband Joe's book on canoeing the boundary waters classifies each trip (route? pass?) - into one of three categories. "Easier" , "Challenging" or "Most Rugged" ... I decided to classify my days raising children into three categories too.
"Fun-Messy", "Unusually Productive", and "Most Rugged." Today was most rugged.

*Ellie girl can stand by herself for up to 45 seconds (yes we've timed : ) and walks around holding on to couches, tables, chairs and people. At some point, I've realized, she will actually have to wear shoes. I have two pairs of shoes she's outgrown and has never worn. I just can't bring myself to put my baby in shoes. I feel like I'd be giving her a driver's license. I'm being a bit dramatic. I know. They're just shoes. We do live in freezing Minnesota. She will one day have to enter into a public building I suppose. and it is the socially acceptable thing to do-sigh. but her feet are just so cute. and little. It's the - 'not that little for that much longer'- thing that gets me.

*Whenever I read a rhyming book to the kids- one that has a really good rhythm- Joey will nod his head forcefully to the cadence of the poem. -- He DOES have a gene of mine!! I just love that boy. (and other boy. and girl. : )

*So I'm making dinner and the boys are jumping around and bouncing off the walls in the next room. Suddenly it gets quiet for a minute and I hear Joey say, "GuyGuy-I need a knife. Please hand me that knife." --- and my maternal radar just shoots through the roof and I go running into their room yelling- "STOP STOP!!" ...
Turns out the 'knife' is a block and they are pretending to chop wood. (Ellie's crib). Arg. Boys.

*I was trying to put pants on Guy and the whole time he was yelling, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT Tackle Joey Tackle Joey FIGHT!" - because I interrupted a (apparently) very important wrestling match between the two. This wrestling (and jumping and climbing and tackling) phase makes me nervous. I walk around all day saying in my mom voice, "someone's going to get hurt, boys, someone is going to get hurt" That's what I say. But I really mean, "Go ahead and wrestle. Enjoy every minute! I'm glad you're best friends!! Just please please please don't need stiches..."

*We walking down a hallway at church and Joey got very excited and pointed at the ground yelling, "ANT! ANT! I see an ant!" I looked at the little creature moving. And congratulated him on his good eyesight. Guy, who obviously did not see the ant, immediately pointed at the ground and yelled just as excitedly, "LOOK! MONKEY!! Look! I see a monkey!!!!!".....

*For three days now whenever we've been out and about, Guy tries to sneak handfuls of snow that he finds on the ground/parking lot into the car to save to "throw at Daddy." They always melt. He always cries. I've explained, and he's seen, but is remains resolute that he will be able to carry snow home. Half of me wants him to learn the lesson that it won't happen- and quickly! The other half wants to buy him his own little thermos...

*‎3.5 yr old Joey walked up to me this afternoon out of nowhere and says, "Mom. I think I would like some toast with butter on it. And maybe a little apple cut up on a plate." And I just looked at him. I managed to finally say, "sure! sounds good!" But what I was thinking was 'since when do you talk? and walk? and eat real food? and who are you calling mom?'.... this is all a bit confusing - this 'Children growing up'.

*Special one on one date with Guy today! I told him we could do whatever he wanted to do. (as long as it was in the house because Ellie was sleeping)... So what did we do? Walked around our home and destroyed everything! Couch cushions off, train tracks torn apart, knocked towers down, took every book off the shelf, blankets off beds.. I love GUY!!! what fun!

*Bedtime for the boys the boys has gotten a little out of control so we started to do the night routine and put them to bed- shut the door and not respond to any of their request for the rest of the evening. It was working just fine as I ignored them asking (screaming) for water, another book, a 50th hug, more toys, etc. Then Joey yelled, "AHHH! oh! MY CHEST!! OH! (long sigh-then faint whisper) ohhhhh my chest..." I was 99.9999% sure my three year old was not having a heart attack but of course I had to check. And I did. and He was fine. He asked for a snack. That stinker whom I love.

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