Friday, January 21, 2011

Status Updates!

Well, I have obviously decided to start a blog. I have put it off for a while, but facebook limits status updates to 420 characters, so although this keeps me from being rather wordy, it also limits my word choice and sentence structure. So blogging it is! Although I have never been into reading blogs, I have always assumed those people that blogged were also those that left diaries open on the kitchen table, rather than safely under the bed.  But I don’t intend on writing many feelings. Strictly events! I am rather disillusioned that I can keep these two separate- but I’ll try. Mainly I hope my post will just be extended status updates for the purpose of my family and close friends to keep updated on my little family! I speak with toddlers all day so hopefully my vocabulary will improve as this goes on, as well as my punctuation. Only time will tell.

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